Sowjra funded by UNFPA Somalia has implemented a discussion forum about ending child and early marriage for 20 individuals from different segments in Bal-Ad District in Hir-Shebelle state on 27th of August 2019

Somali women journalists rights’ association getting funds from UNFPA and a partner with Y-PEER Somalia has opened a three day workshop for ending child and early marriage among community elders, youth leaders, religious groups and individuals from administration of Bal-Ad district and surrounding villages in Hir-Shebelle administration
The commissioner of Bal-Ad district Mr.: Kassim Ali Nor ‘Furdug’ who opened the workshop started his speech with thanks giving to all SOWJRA, UNFPA and Y-PEER for their efforts towards fighting against child and early marriage that was highly needed in our communities
‘Mothers are so precious to us so we should protect from them anything that may harm them now or near future’
‘Islamic religion protected the rights of female (mothers) more than male (fathers) so it is forbidden in Islam to force them or put pressure on them what is out of their choice’ said Kassim the commissioner of Bal-Ad district in middle Shebelle region while he was speaking Islamic view towards child and early marriage
The deputy commissioner of social affairs in Bal-Ad district said Abdullahi hambile Shekh Ahmed that what hindered the progress of girls in this district can be said is child and early marriage, because the girl can’t continue her education after marriage for many reasons like; peer group criticism, heath issues caused by pregnancy and many others
‘What’s new to us nowadays are fistula and C section surgeries, those are caused mostly by child and early marriage’
Ibrahim Bashile Nor one of traditional elders in the district said’ the main causes of child and early marriage is technology and that the wedding cost become cheap and unconditional ‘
The head of El-gelle section of Bal-Ad district Arile said ‘the causes are lack of circumcision or clitoris cutting, because girls who were my age used to marry after 20 years of age as those whom had not been circumcised are more sensual and marry early.
Mama Asha Kibar, deputy women commissioner in Bal-Ad district said ‘I think the causes are internet, lack of awareness and support from parents, misunderstanding between parents and children’
The participants of the forum all agreed that child and early marriage are the causes of many social problems that later can affect all levels of the society.