Amina’s  outrageous ambitions to one day lead and be like our  African outstanding leaders who said yes we can lead  her excellence president Johnson Sirleaf and also Leymah who jointly won Nopel Peace prize  called my attention to use these words as a title to Amina’s story
despite her university degree and professional experience in media” Amina Husein Mohamed  is still complaining about inequality on leadership positions, saying I can handle higher positions in media but still facing challenges for my gender, however I will blow my whistle and won’t be silenced until I achieve my dream”.
Amina is a young Somali female journalist born and educated in Mogadishu and started her journalism career in 2010 amid anarchy that every journalist could be killed for a report that one part sees that it is against their interest,
whenever I apply a leadership position that Iam fit for nothing stops me except my this justifications and male dominant traditions,
in her career years this young female journalist was injured during her duty and regularly met phone call murder threats but after all these hardship she met she feels gender based discriminations that resulted inequality in leadership positions salary and tasks.
Speaking with Somali women journalists rights association SOWJRA she was asked what motivated her to stand for a leadership position and with smile she replied “ why won’t I lead like sisters Leymah and Sirleaf  who showed the world that women in African can lead”.

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