although we are in the 16 day of Gender Based Violance, Somalia is still facing violations against women, young girls, and children. and what is worse is that, none of the victims ever meet justice towards the violations against them, like; the painful story of Sabrine Hussein who faced childhood marriage

The Painful Story of Sabrin Hussein in her Childhood Marriage

When I was 14 years old my mother married me to a man. The second night I was bleeding, I run from the man and I come to my mother. She saw my condition so she worked hard to stop the bleeding and cure the wooded part of my body. Unfortunately when I recovered I was taken back to the man a few days later after my recovery. I went through a long ordeal. I was running away in fear, injury and panic every time and I run to and back forty. Two months later I got pregnant and I gave birth. I was in labor and I was taken to a midwife in the village. She said that this girl could not give birth in this town so she must be taken to hospital. When I was taken to Mogadishu, I was already in fistula and it took me five years to recover from the ordeal. People were worried and felt disgusted about my urination and the inability to hold the baby. I got married now at the age of 25 and I have lost my mind. I think I’m still feeling the same.

I came to a village called Bulo Dhurow, it is part of Janale. In this area of Buulodhurow and the surrounding areas, girls are married off to 12 to 14 years. It is customary for some to marry while crying. In addition, it is not considered that you are a child. Some of them are paid for animals like cows; some are married off to their cousins, old men and men you are not respected being a child. You will be exploited as a child and they will be kept away from you.

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