SOWJRA funded by UNFP with a partner of Y-PEER has conducted discussion meeting with all community segments of Jowhar middle Shebelle region on 22nd of July 2019

Somali women journalists’ rights association SOWJRA, has implemented a discussion meeting towards ending child and early marriage with the traditional elders, youth, religious groups and women in Jowhar Middle Shebelle region capital and of Hir-shabelle state .
Nunow Mohamed one of the famous elders in Jowhar district told the participants of the discussion meeting that he himself married 15 year old girl when his previous wife had died ‘she was the sister of my late wife and her father vowed to give me the only sister she had, so, I accepted but waited for until she reached 20 years old. But, child married with another child, we can all forecast the result’.
One of female participants in jowhar district expressed her view towards child and early marriage saying ‘I was married and I’m 13 year old girl studying standard seven in school, I really witnessed painful experiences in my life like; during pregnancy and also delivering. My study had stopped and also used to see my peer in the school continuing their education, I really feel sorry whenever I remember that incident’.
Sheik mohamud Takow also spoke about the Islamic perception towards child marriage and said ‘In Islamic religion 15 years old is adult and he or she will be accountable every bad deeds he/she does. But at the said of marrying it is different as it needs the girl to be examined or interviewed whether she is ready at every side, I mean mentally and physically. So, we can’t decide the adulthood only in the age of 15 years.’
Afey deputy commissioner of youth in Jowhar suggested some of the solutions that he suggested it will at least minimize child and early marriage as he said’ we should make volunteers who will sustain the awareness of child and early marriage in our community to at last end child and early marriage in all of our districts.
Communities in Jowhar has appreciated the workshop and thanked to SOWJRA and UNFP the efforts they have done towards ending child and early marriage.