Date: 10th March 2019
Somali Women Journalists Rights Association (SOWJRA) organized international women’s day celebrations in Mogadishu on 8th March 2019. The event brought together female journalist, women from civil society organizations, women from Diaspora, women activists and youth from different backgrounds and other distinguished guests. The theme was to identify the obstacles to the progress and development of women in the media and to also identify ways of finding solutions to these obstacles. The event also addressed the importance of commemorating of this occasion of 8 March each year and its importance to the development and public awareness about the challenges women face and sensitization of all kinds of violations against women.
Arafo Moallim Said one of Somali Diaspora from America has expressed her feeling and encouraged women journalist to take the voice of women to the highest level in order to get their rights. She also spoke on the increase of gender-based violence as well as mobilizing women to participate in peace building and decision-making process.
Similarly, female journalists also mentioned denial of women’s rights and the abuses in the media which needs to be addressed and dealt with. SOWJRA Chairlady Leila Ad’ed Osman has sent congratulations to all women in the world particularly to the Somali Women and women journalists for the occasion of 8 March 2019. She noted that women in Somalia are in critical conditions especially female journalists who are working under harsh conditions. ‘‘We need to build our capacity to better understand our rights. Once we get the knowledge and skills we are able to fight for our rights’’ Leila said.
Somali Women Journalists Rights Association (SOWJRA) condemns the killings of 10 people who six of them were working in the sanitation campaign at Hawo Abdi Mogadishu- Afgoye corridor and the recent violations and gang rapes and killings that took place in Galkacyo, Guriceel, Adado, Mogadishu, Garbaharey and many other places in Somalia.
Somali Women Journalists Rights Association
Ururka u dooda Haweenka Suxufiyiinta Soomaaliyeed
Finally the participants of the event jointly made a call for the Federal government of Somalia and the international Community to address the seemingly increasing violations against women including children in south and central Somalia.

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