Statement attributable to UNFPA Representative for Somalia, Mr. Anders Thomsen on the gang rape of a 12-year- old girl in Somalia

Mogadishu, 23 June 2019 – We are gravely concerned by the death of 12-year-old Najmo
Abdilkadir Hassan from Burtinle in Puntland who passed on after suffering a brutal gangrape
on 19 June 2019.
UNFPA strongly condemns this barbaric act of gender-based violence. We stand with
Najmo’s family and call for a speedy investigation into this grave crime. Perpetrators must be
held to account.
The scale and gravity of similar attacks in the country recently mark a disturbing escalation
of violence. Violence against women and girls harms families and communities across
generations and reinforces other forms of violence prevalent in society.
We must work together to prevent such acts of sexual violence so everyone can live without
fear and in freedom no matter their age or gender.
UNFPA calls on all stakeholders to strengthen efforts to protect women and children in
UNFPA inquiries: please contact Ms. Pilirani Semu-Banda, Communications, Partnerships and Donor Relations Specialist,
UNFPA Somalia, Tel: +254 734500439;

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