SOWJRA commences three months wareness workshop for anti-child and aerly marriage in Warsheik district in middle shabelle region .

Somali women journalists rights association SOWJRA funded by UNFPA Somalia with partner of Y-PEER has conducted a discussion meeting with all comment segments of warsheik district in middle shabelle region on July -2019

The deputy commissioner of warsheik Mr MaTan who represented the commissioner opened the meeting and prolonged the crisis of health and the need of girls in warsheik district specially those who recovered the trauma and also those who are living with it and and at last gave warning towards child marriage and its practice

The chair-lady of SOWJRA a speech about the negetive impacts of child and early marriage’ As a female journalist who worked closely with somali minstry of health, I have seen in the mother and child-care hospitals a painful scenes according to younger mothers and their babies; so please let us together stop child marriage’ said Leila Aded the chair-lady of somali women journalists rights association.

The commissioner of women in Warsheik district also spoke about how well she appreciated this program and said
‘it was only yesterday when a 15 year old girl couldn’t deliver her baby normally and couldn’t find a surgery in the district hospital so the girl gave birth before she reached Mogadishu and later that caused the girl a fistula’

Advocate Yahye who is a member of national union organization has explained well the religious regulations about adulthood and said ‘we can’t judge the adulthood by age only but by consciousness or wise’ and at last gave his gratitude to UNFP,SOWJRA AND Y-PEER their efforts on ending child marriage.

All the participants of the meeting were all happy to fight against violations on our innocent girls’ rights and ending child and early marriage and thanked to all SOWJRA,UNFP and Y-PEER‘.


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