Our mission and vision


SOWJRA vision statement points towards a sustainable women journalists capable of raising the gender issue in a manner of empowering on both the local media and that of the world in general.


SOWJRA mission statement indicates that our vision would be achieved through:

  • Capacity building and education women journalists through mass media
  • Educating newswomen on other methods of mass media to express themselves and their messages despite the prevailing political and financial obstacles through the entire country (e.g. , newsletters, drama, films and videos and Association etc)
  • providing information and guidance to women reporters and the Somali women in general who are working to combat womanly oppression
  • Publication of Women Newsletter which provides a forum for groups that is active in the women’s movement
  • Liberate women from their place of subordination to men – an ancient traditional phenomenon that exists in our community and which is a barrier to the progress of the women in every aspect
  • finding appropriate means of research, action and communication which will take into account the complex situations of oppressions that characterize the Somali women journalists in the country
  • Advocating the rights of Somali women journalists
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